A fitness plan or exercise suggestions?

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fitness plan
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Question by Person udk: A fitness plan or exercise suggestions?
I am a little out of shape emerging out of my hibernation-ish winter. I have a small medical problem that won’t interfere with exercising except for the fact that i’m not supposed to lose weight because of it. what are some things i can do to improve my fitness? and if i exercise obviously every day or whatever people will freak out… but i eat healthy when i can, and this summer i want to get more athletic. any ideas? :)
lance thats exactly what im trying not to do. does that drink give toned muscle? i didnt think so.

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Answer by brittney
with knowing the nature of your problem it is difficullt to advise a program. Do you like dancing. If so then start a rountine by doing some active dancing[ disco] or such like. This elevates your heart rate without over stressing your body. The idea of elevating the heart rate is to start the calorie burning process.Once you’ve complete your warm up set then try some sit ups and push ups;{ if you need to start push ups from your knees and develop into the full push up over several days/weeks. after the sit ups and push ups do some jogging on the spot to elevate your heart rate again. Then try some aerobics light intensity at first and build up to a greater intensity. As your exercise programs proceeds reduce slightly what you eat. Not by much just a little. Don’t expect miricle results in days as programs as these are designed to work over time and continued effort. You will gradually notice you can do more sit ups and push ups and work out longer as your body becomes fitter and fitter. please be patient and results will come your way . The most critical thing is to start. good luck.

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