Any ideas for work fitness plan?

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Question by evilcherries: Any ideas for work fitness plan?
I work in a small office (7 people) and we need some ideas for an office fitness plan. . .we all live somewhat close to the office. We live in Indiana so outdoor activities are somewhat limited by the weather. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Answer by all_day_allday
well you should really think of maybe playing indoors and start doing push upsor you can go out side for a while and have little races

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2 Responses to “Any ideas for work fitness plan?”
  1. Vic says:

    I like your idea! Especially because ‘team efforts’ are usually very successful since there’s a lot of support to fall back on.

    Take a look at the following program and see if the workout routines combined with healthy eating choices are what your office may be looking for.

    A list of 55 healthy foods can be found here…

    Good luck with your office fitness plan!

  2. Gregory W says:

    I’m guessing that there isn’t shower facilities there. If that’s the case, Perhaps a walking program. People can add in the miles that they walk and you can see who can reach San Fransisco first. Every week list names, total miles covered and what city they are at.

    another item would be to see if you couldn’t negotitiate a discount with a local gym.

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