Anyone know a good diet and fitness plan?

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Question by Single lady..: Anyone know a good diet and fitness plan?
I wanna get into shape. I work every day 8-6 I don’t get home untill about 7. I need a good work out plan that wont take my entire night @ the gym. I also need a good diet plan that is convenient that does not include a lot of cooking.. Any suggestions?

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Answer by Luvbnamom2_2
I love alli!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve lost 20lbs so far.

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7 Responses to “Anyone know a good diet and fitness plan?”
  1. maddie c says:

    go to the gym early in the morning or for an hour at night

  2. saket p says:

    Eat low calorie diets of 1750 calories and work out 30 minutes a day outside.

  3. Sweet.kisses74 says:

    -eat 1500 calories a day
    -50% of each meal has to be veg/fruit
    -no pop
    -no chips
    -no candy / junk food
    -no fried foods
    -drink 8 bottles of water a day
    -drink green tea twice a day
    -dont eat after 6:30

    Meal Plan (example)
    breakfast-Cereal/toast and a boiled egg/ oatmeal +plus a fruit of choice
    lunch- Sandwich / soup etc. + a side of salad and fruit of choice
    dinner-grilled chicken/ fish/ + boiled vegetables/salad and fruit of choice

    Exercises- 45 -1 hour of cardio. ( walking, jogging, dancing, biking etc.)
    – 20 lunges – eventually work up to 30 then 40
    -25 squats -work up to 50
    -100 bicycle abs moves -work up to 200 then 400
    -50 crunches work up to 100
    -do this work out 5 times a week .

    By doing this you can expect to lose 10 pounds a day

  4. ROBERT C says:


  5. buybulkwhey says:

    I have been doing the crossfit workouts and they have shredded my body big time (removed my body fat). They are pretty tough, but the results are quick!

    give them a try and see what you think. I usually do the WOD’s

  6. Mel says:

    Hi I have been on the ‘bodytrim’ for about 2 months now and have lost nearly 2 stone. You are not allowed to exercise in the first 4 weeks apart from 10,000 steps a day. It’s very similar to the atkins plan but you can have bread in the morning (makes all the difference:))
    Mostly it consists of Protein like lean meats, eggs,fish etc and lots of water. I can guarantee it works! I couldn’t stick to the atkins diet cos I felt rough on it but this one is brill.
    The web site is as follows to get more info. Beware though the chap who started this way of eating is Australian and gets a bit boring and over the top.
    Happy weight loss! :)

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