Can someone give me a fitness plan so i can increase my speed in running?

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fitness plan
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Question by dragonnssss: Can someone give me a fitness plan so i can increase my speed in running?
i recently made athletics and i am totaly out of shape and i would really apprecieate it if someone can give me not really a schedule just tell me what do i have to do a day and how long…oh and i need to increase my speed by august 27,07…and by the way i am 12 years old and i weigh 71pounds 5 ounces…i will do whatever it takes to get faster in running….thankss

♥ yahhhh much..aprecieate it!!!

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Answer by chuy g
run around the park every day in the morning and ride a bike in the morning

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5 Responses to “Can someone give me a fitness plan so i can increase my speed in running?”
  1. Mike says:

    work on ur core muscle, abs back obliques , and they will help u run faster. a stronger core help the whole body work out longer and stronger.

  2. veronica says:

    You should really start on a machine. Basically to help, when you are running set a place tto stop at. (goal). Don’t stop thinking about the goal.

  3. ericsgirl51987 says:

    Oh dear, you have your weight figured out to the ounce. Try not to focus on your weight. Many people who are in excellent physical condition weigh more than average due to increased muscle mass. To increase time, you actually need to do some things that may seem a little unrelated to time. It also depends on what distance you are trying to increase your speed over. In general, for middle to longer distances, this is what you do:
    Strength Training 2-3x per week for 30 minutes
    Distance Run 2x per week (about 75% of the longest distance you can possibly run)
    Interval Training such as running hills or run/walk intervals 2x per week (work up to an hour)

    Good luck and happy running!

  4. JustAskin says:

    OK, try this…. Work your stomach by doing sit ups but do them after you run.

    It depends on how good/bad shape you’re in. You should run at a moderate pace for a distance that pushes you every day. Rest and do it again. Every other day, run your distance and then, sprint about 200 meters, walk 200 meters, sprint 200, walk 200. Do this as many times as you can. Then, do a cool down; slow, easy run for about 600-800 meters.
    Be patient. You might not get fast over night, but you will get in shape. That means a lot if you’re trying out for a team or something.

    Get advice from a coach or trainer, someone who can be with you when you work out. They will be able to tell you exact disctances, exercises, etc.

    Most important thing…HAVE FUN. Yep, it’s more important than running fast. If you can’t run fast, run far. Join the cross country team at school.. GREAT sport!

  5. gator.girl09 says:

    just start out jogging, then build up to a faster pace. try to push yourself to run a little bit more each day. also if you carry a little stop watch so you know your previous time and you know how much faster you need to get to beat the time before.

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