Can someone help me with a personal training fitness plan?

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Question by John: Can someone help me with a personal training fitness plan?
Hi, I am a fourteen and a half year old male, 6ft tall, 65kg’s, i would like someone to help me construct a fitness plan that works cardio and muscle building as well as endurance, i have plenty of places to run and 4 or 5 kg dumbells to work with as well, I would be able to exercise four or five times a week after school or weekends, best answer gets top points thanks so much!

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Answer by Jake
Look if your just starting out and trying to figure out an exercises routine that works best for you then I suggest using the link I posted below. It helps you figure what fitness routine would be best for. You can try a few and then take the parts of each one that you like best and are most beneficial. That’s what I did when I started to workout and I’ve developed a few routines that I enjoy doing every time. I say a few routines because you shouldn’t be doing the same thing year round. It’s best to cycle and switch up your routine every once an a while.

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