Can someone write me a fitness plan?

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Question by rambling vine: Can someone write me a fitness plan?
I’m 33 years old, gone from about 145 pounds to 160 pounds since November, I like to work out, have a home gym (w/treadmill), don’t mind dieting, and I want to race a couple of times this summer (running & MTB). What should I do?

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Answer by littledevilinyourcup
I know you said dont point to a web site but I use this one and have lost 3 inches off my hips lost 6 pounds and I havent had any problems breathing while I did it (asthmatic) This site is a free online diet and fitness club that will help you track what you ate how many calories and vitamins where in each meal and also has a place that will set up an exercise plan for you using the equipment you own and tell you how many calories were burned . It also has a forum to communicate with other people who are trying to lose weight or get healthier. The site is called Like I said it has worked wonders for me and having the support has helped me stick to my diet better than anything else and the freedom to modify to my needs the exercises is awesome

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  1. Ask a Health Nut says:

    Hey I do health and fitness plans freely, I think I’ve done over 150 for people on Yahoo Answer.
    Check out my page and this specific link:
    Its Step 1 of Achieving your health and fitness goals.
    Just answer the 10 questions email them to me and I can send you something either by the end of the night or the morning time!
    I love to do this! Im a Chef now studying as a nutritionist and personal trainer!

    Your health and fitness plan will be contain an analysis of your current eating habits (opt), a calorie analysis as well as your recommendations, a food list, recommended eatings, food tracker, goal tracker, tons of workout routines and helpful tips and things to get your feet off the ground.

    Oh but you can always use SPARKPEOPLE.COM its a great website that does an EXCELLENT JOB! They have tons of sections devoted to you, health, nutrition, fitness and motivationally! I think that would be even better!

    Well good luck and do check out my page!

  2. Barrel Racing Beauty says:

    Well how many miles would you like to run by the end of summer? Start by jogging a mile ( if you can) If you can’t just do a half a mile. I suggest doing this in the morning. When you get done w/ running make you a healthy breakfast. After you eat go lift weights for about 30-1hr. You’ll get in shape fast!

    About running- Say you can only run half a mile. Well do half a mile for 1 week then next week do a mile. Week 3 do 1 and a half mile.

    I barrel race and it consist of top condition. Lifting weights is a excellent way to create strenth. Also walking in the evenings can help too.

    Good Luck on your way to getting in shape!

  3. enuff_zenuff101 says:

    A diet and work out plan are very personal. One size does not fit all. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, give me a holler and we can work on it together.

    I would like to someday be a personal trainer and I already know from working with different people that I could give you a generic game plan, but I would say you’re looking for something more specific.

    I wish you great success with whatever you choose!! 😀

  4. loulu2u says:

    So you want a personal trainer for free? I’ll bite. I trained for a short run over the winter holidays.

    Get some good running shoes and hit the treadmill or the trails. Alternate short and long runs, starting slow and short, gradually increasing your time and distance until you’re running 80% of the race distance.
    For example there’s a 12-18 week program to prepare for a 26 mile marathon.
    Early weeks: 2-3 mile runs, alternating with 4-5 mile runs
    plus one longer run on the weekend before your rest day.
    Gradually increasing until two weeks before the race the long run is 20 miles long.

    I don’ t know what distance you want to run, but the principles are sound and apply to all distances.

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