Can Someone Write Me Out A Weekly Fitness Plan?

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Question by AmandaReene: Can Someone Write Me Out A Weekly Fitness Plan?
I want to get fit asap. I have regular fitness at the moment, so dnt be worried about the weekly plan being to hard. I will try to hack it…
mon to sun.

I want to get fit, so i want a fitness plan. not a weight loss solution, i dnt want to diet…like that first answer…was crap..obviously didnt read the Q…

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  1. Angela says:

    monday: run 2 miles. outside
    tuesday: do a aerobic workout on dvd. at home. ab workout after 30 min buy a dvd.
    wednesday: do aerobic workout and lift weights right after 25 reps on everything!!
    thursday: treadmill or elliptical. 50 min.
    friday: run 2 miles. outside
    saturday: ab workout 30 min. buy a dvd.
    sunday: rest and drink tons of water everyday. 14 glasses!!!
    hope this helps !!

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