Can yall help me plan a boxing fitness plan?

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Question by mac: Can yall help me plan a boxing fitness plan?
right now i do abs run the speed and heavy bag…..with the bags i do 10, 5 minute rounds and then go to the speed bag and do that…i would like to start boxing soon but im not that physically fit can you help me?

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Answer by Reese
What I did when I used to box was. Go 3 5 minute rounds with speed bag then work on foot work then go3 7 minute round with heeavy then run. A couple miles for endurence

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  1. Normen Bates says:

    Morning (Workout) Monday Wednessday Friday
    Wake up Early before Work or School and Run at least 3 times a week. If your new to Roadwork two times and every week add a day. IF your training for a Fight 6 days a week.

    AfterNoon (Workout)

    Shadow Boxing 3x 3min
    Leg Work Moving around the Ring working your Legs. 3x 3min
    Heavybag 3x 3min
    Jump Rope 3x 3min
    Speed Bag 3x 3min
    Head Movement or Bobing and Weaving under a Rope. 3x 3min
    Sit ups
    Push Ups

    This Website has other good workouts you can use if Your not into Running or just get sick of it like I do. He has things you can do without having a Boxing GYm or Health Club too join.

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