can you help me make a Fitness routine plan?

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fitness plan
by Vook tv

Question by Katze: can you help me make a Fitness routine plan?
Im not looking to lose weight, I’m more interested in getting stronger. im planning on playing rugby in the fall, and im a little weak right now to do that.
My gym probably has most the things i would need, but could you help me plan what to do before (like stretching) during the workout (which machines to use and other things.) and after (like walking )

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Answer by chyamario
Well in my opinion working out 5 days a week is best. So:
First day: Cardio
Second day: Weights
Third day: Cardio
Fourth day: Weights w/ pull bar
Fifth day: cardio (just walk outside in nature)

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  1. Might B says:

    I recommend doing Mark Rippetoe’s Routine, some of my friends have made great gains on it.

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