Dexot before a weight loss or fitness plan?

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Question by SunnyD: Dexot before a weight loss or fitness plan?
An employee at GNC told me that it’s a good idea to detox before a weight loss or fitness plan. He said it cleanses the body and and you can loss weight faster. Is this true?

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Answer by Phil
A detox will cleanse your body and make it more likely for you to stick with a diet because you are less likely to develop cravings. But it won’t make the diet work more efficiently beyond the mental state.

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3 Responses to “Dexot before a weight loss or fitness plan?”
  1. Johnatan says:

    yes that can help and maybe this too check this free trial take care yourself

  2. Errick Ang says:

    Definitely yes. Detox can help you cleanse your body and let your body maintain at the best level to lose weight.

  3. Marry says:

    Yes a detox diet can help you lose weight because it lets you get rid of the wastes and toxins that have piled up in your intestine. It will not only make you lose weight but it can also help you have regular bowel movements, clearer skin, and even an increased concentration and clarity after the diet.

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