Does anybody know a fitness plan i can stick to at home?

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Question by Lucy Jones: Does anybody know a fitness plan i can stick to at home?
i need a good fitness plan for at home. for example ; 40 squats, 20 situps 50 star jumps.
so that means not alot of running? its summer know and i would like to be nice and toned for september. please dont tell me to eat healthier because i already do. thanks.

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Answer by guess
there’s always yoga. u can find a lot of videos that can help you lost weight as well as tone up.

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3 Responses to “Does anybody know a fitness plan i can stick to at home?”
  1. Mike G says:

    p90x ;P

  2. Poppy Moore says:

    if you have a wii fit that will have everything to help you get more toned in a short amount of time if you don’t just go out jogging alot and lift weights that makes you loose alot of fat and calories also try boxing it burns so much fat .

  3. kk says:

    Well every morning wake up not too late and do 50 sit-ups ( try not to go too far up and too far down, that will target your core and help with abs) Then do about 50 push-ups CORRECTLY, even if you have to take a small break and get them done do them right! Later on in the EVENING [Dont want to faint! ] Try running around your whole neigborhood non-stop, then about 100- meters on your way home SPRINT the whole way there! [ If you continue to do this and eat right you should be in great shape

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