Does anyone know a fitness plan that works?

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fitness plan
by familymwr

Question by Kare-Bear: Does anyone know a fitness plan that works?
I’m trying to find a fitness plan that will help me lose a little weight (about 15 pounds) and to tone my body. I don’t mind running on the treadmill but how long do I need to run to see results and how long would it take? and also I want to do strength training too but I don’t want to get too muscular since I already have somewhat thick arms/ legs.
Or if you have a routine that worked for you then I would love to hear it :~)

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Answer by kaitmend
believe it or not…this stuff isn’t the rocket science that weight watchers and south beach make it out to be.

simply consume less calories than you burn
or burn more calories than you consume.
start by cutting out soda/sugary drinks…and from there just eat a more conscious diet.

excercise wise:
-30 min of cardio at least 3 times a week. Not walking! Running or aerobics/kick boxing [more fun than running]
if you can’t handle high impact excercise and want to start out walking, up the time spent walking.
-To get toned rather than ‘build’ muscle, choose low weight, and do high reps. Example: Bicept curls with 10 pounds, 3 sets of 15.

this is a great website for figuring out what exercises burn how many calories:

it is important to lose some inches with cardio before starting to weight train because then you will be building muscle under fat…a lot of people think that by doing a million sit-ups they will have a six pack, but you have to do the cardio to lose the belly fat first.

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