Does this sound like a good fitness plan?

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fitness plan
by familymwr

Question by MidnightBlue: Does this sound like a good fitness plan?
I plan to do aerobic exercise for an hour, 6 days a week

And for toning I was thinking of doing the arms & pectoral area one day, working on my abs & back the next & then on the 3rd day working on my butt & legs. Then repeating this cycle twice a week in line with the aerobic exercise.

Does this sound like it would be beneficial? How long are you supposed to spend on toning & are there any websites with examples of exercises?

Thanks for reading?

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Answer by nick_shann
Try P90X…it is amazing.

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6 Responses to “Does this sound like a good fitness plan?”
  1. Super Girl to the rescue says:

    that doesn’t sounds like a good Idea just work all your muscles every day that way they won’t deteriorate during the week

  2. Harjinder L says:

    its not good to work aerobic more then 5 days a week. Make sure you have a proper diet plan to keep you going.(if you have an iphone or touch get ifitness app i use it every time i work out it has detailed image of exercises and routines and helps you keep track). Overall that’s a great workout plan

  3. davy_leiby_98 says:

    6 days a week is excessive for aerobic activity. Should be more like 3-4 times a week. As for your toning plan its pretty solid. Here is a website that will help you build your plan.

  4. Apathy says:

    you can do a mix of both just make sure you’re not overworking. when you work your muscles hard you should eat a bit more for them to grow and show. then you eat a bit less when you have enough muscles for them to look toned. along with a sensible diet, what you’re doing right now is fine.

  5. John Q says:

    Try all upper body M/W/F
    lower body T/TH

    Aerobic to warm up/ stretch when your done

    Then swap weeks, and change some of the exercises.

    Your body will stop gaining and plateau if you keep it the same routine all the time. When you change things up, it shocks your muscles. You will see huge results if you “keep your muscles on their toes”. That’s why P90X is so successful. He saw that change is key and made his workout around that. If you need more help or more specifics shoot me an email.

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