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Question by fergie: Fitness Plan?
Im a female and weigh 120 pounds, hgt – 5’2. I’m 16 and play tennis and soccer. February 24th is the day of tennis tryouts and I want to make sure I’m in top shape especially for endurance. These are some of the exercises I do already. Wall sits, front and side planks, crunches, and bicep curls. I’m not that good at running becuase I can go about 30 seconds then I’m really tired and can’t really breathe that well and theres not that many places around here to run to practice. The only equipment we have is an ab lounge, leg magic, that blow up ball thing, and 2 five pound weights. Also have a half working weight machine with four-roll leg developer, high pulley, butterfly arms, and some type of squat thing, and a chest press. Sometimes I do Denise Austins workouts on Lifetime in the mornings. My goal is to be overall fit with muscles but not ugly ones, and to have not only strength but endurance. I need some more power to kick the soccer ball with, more arm strength for tennis

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Answer by Amerchant
try some energy products from this website

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