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Question by SaveEggsCrackSmiles: Fitness plan?
Im 14 and I am pretty petite for my age. I love to run, and eat! Haha, I like my weight and my height could be taller but whatever. I want a good fitness plan for the summer considering I will play field hockey in the fall.
A diet/foods i should be eating would be helpfull.
I love to run, so I hope that helps.
NOOO weight loss pills or anything i may have to take. i am NOT that desperate. I want to do it all natural.
You guys dont get it. I want a plan from you, right foods to eat and a workout. I dont need any professional crap.

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Answer by â–ˆ{I Eat You}â–ˆ
Hey typica1 teenager,

There are various sorts of fitness plans you could participate yourself in during this summer, in order to maintain your health, and keep in shape!

As for fitness plans/ dieting/ nutritional valuation, try the following site to grasp that knowledge on:

As for sports, it is on there as well.

A diet I totally recommend because of the factor of experience is the abs diet, which is awesome, and never leaves one the sensational pang of hunger ! It can be found at:

Anyways, I wish you the best of success, and remember to keep your motivational factors at a peak, and to have fun in this whole process and to be innovational.

Best of luck, and thanks for caring !


â–ˆ{I Eat You}â–ˆ

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