fitness plan?

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Question by A-ROID: fitness plan?
i weigh 230 6’0″
i wanna to know if my fitness plan d be good enough to lose me few pounds(30)

run 1 mile monday- friday then on saturday run 5 miles
swimmin 10 laps
weight rooms
any suggestions?

Best answer:

Answer by Matt Leonard
try this site

He writes entire exercise plans for you

The guy has all sorts of qualifications and experiance, and hes a doctor in somthing lol.

He wrote a plan for me a while back and its brilliant.

Its very quick, and i enjoyed the attention lol. Give it a go

Also you don’t have to keep buying as you just mix the program about a bit.

Hope this helps

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One Response to “fitness plan?”
  1. RJ the Football Tackle (O-Line) says:

    spread more throughout the week… actually… go 3 miles monday, agility Tuseday, 4 miles Wednesday, weights Thursday, 3 miles Friday, Swimming Saturday, 1 mile sunday and weight room….
    Do lifting every day u dont run and lift sunday!!! also swim to have fun too u can still lose weight!!!

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