fitness plan?

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fitness plan
by familymwr

Question by brett5ter: fitness plan?

Can anyone devise a fitness plan for a 21 year old lad…. Im 5’10, 12st 5lbs and want to lose weight and become lean and/or muscley (i.e. get rid of my fat)



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Answer by crapwonk
Most important is to find something you can stick with. Not only do have to lose the weight, you have to keep it off.

Find a mix of things you can alternate, like cardio and weight lifting. A good quality elliptical trainer can give you good a cardio workout that can be tailored to your fitness level and increased in difficulty as you progress. It also burns calories well without impacting your knees. If you like running, try that, but if you are overweight it can be hard to get started with.

With weights, a good gym membership is worthwhile if you actually use it. They can buy better quality and more equipment than you can. This provides variety and works more muscle groups. Go ahead and work with weights heavy enough to do some good – 8 to 12 repetitions. You need a workout that doesn’t take so long you can’t fit it in or that you dread.

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  1. smartguy says:

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  2. Bob P says:

    I would recommend the military answer!

    Get a pair of heavy boots and a rucksack. Load the rucksack with 30lbs of ballast (bags of sand are the most comfortable).

    Now MARCH, with the rucksack on your back!

    You need to knock off 12.5 miles in 2 hours, during each session. Do this once a week and I guarantee you will shed the flab!………. you might not lose weight but it sure as hell makes your strong and fit!

    Once you are into the regime, try duck walking around your garden. Your butt should not touch your heels, or rise above the level of your knees during the exercise. You need to duck walk for about 1/4mile at each session. WARNING!! It hurts!

    The rest of the body is probably best serviced by rowing the equivalent of 2 miles per session, on the rowing machine.

    The odd 1/2 hour of reps on the muscle group toning machines (10 reps per session) should complete the regime.

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