Get Fit With the Wii Fit Plus

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Get Fit With the Wii Fit Plus

There are so many ways to keep fit these days and people are always coming up with new and inventive ways to lose weight. Sometimes, however, the oldies are the best. Just add a modern twist and you are off.

Yoga has been around for centuries and is a favourite with many celebrities. The ancient Indian meditation has been used as a way to tone up for a long time, but has only just become popular with the general public. The exercise has been revolutionised in recent years by games consoles like the Wii. There are no limitations to the actual exercise and it can be done in your own home. The game gently guides you through the positions and gives you helpful tips and advice.

The Nintendo Wii has also revolutionised other exercises including: aerobic, muscle, yoga and balance. The Wii Fit Plus also imitates skateboarding and rhythm kung-fu exercises for the more adventurous out there. The phenomenon of the games console has changed the way we do a lot of things. Exercise being just one.

Here are some of the ways that you can get the most out of your Wii Fit Plus:

To play on the Wii Fit you will obviously need a Wii and the board that comes with the Wii Fit Plus. The board is used to help determine your centre of balance and correct it if it is off.

Choose a trainer, they can be either a man or a woman, if you change your mind you can switch them back at any point. They will be your task master, so it’s great that you can swap them.

You can set a target for your exercise session, so you can decide how many calories you want to burn off in a session.

The Wii saves the activities you do in the following categories: frequently, rarely or recently. So you can see which activities you have been neglecting or which ones you do the most often.

The ‘my routine’ feature lets you chose from individual yoga and strength work outs so you can compile your own targeted workout.

The Wii Fit plus routines are specifically designed to help you improve specific areas of your fitness. The section of the programme is divided into four sections: lifestyle, youth, health and form.

Another section of the programme allows you to chart your success, by giving you fit credits; you can track your progress and view how many calories you have burned each say.

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