How can I develope my own personal fitness plan?

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by familymwr

Question by sunshine: How can I develope my own personal fitness plan?
Is there any websites I can go to that give me my own program based on my body type, age, gender etc…

I’m 14, so maybe one for teenagers!

Thanks in advance

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Answer by WYETT M
List your goals for working out and then go about finding the best ways to achieve them. design your workout plan around specific areas of your body or fitness level that you want changed. You shouldn’t follow a plan you found online, because only YOU know what your goals are and which areas you want to focus on more, everyone’s unique. Just research fitness training and design your workouts according to you. If you need a second opinion, send me an email and i’ll try to help you out.

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  1. Penny says:

    Proper exercise is very important and with that being said, I think you would benefit from joining spark people because it focuses on all fitness levels. There are many videos showing you how to do each exercise properly. They also have a nutrition tracker, fitness tracker, weigh-in and measurements and lots of other resources.

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