How do you stay motivated when on a diet/fitness plan?

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Question by : How do you stay motivated when on a diet/fitness plan?

i dont have any friends

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Answer by Altru-man
Put a picture of someone who looks like you want to on the fridge and one in your room on the mirror.

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3 Responses to “How do you stay motivated when on a diet/fitness plan?”
  1. Matthew says:

    Think about WHY you are on a fitness plan. Are your goals worth the sacrifices you have to make to achieve them? Visualize yourself enjoying the benefits of your plan.
    You may also want to involve friends who can motivate you or help you stick to your goals.

  2. Doc narain says:

    The information that this will keep me healthy & attractive for a long time to come . Otherwise the consequences will be quite bad like Diabetes , High Blood Pressure & pre-mature Death. And there is no other way ! except keep doing it .

  3. Marcia Kohl says:

    I understand how hard it is to stay motivated especially on a diet. Usually i will post a large poster in my room for motivation , anything that will work for you and keep a clear mind on your goal.

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