I need help creating a fitness plan?

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fitness plan
by Newbirth35

Question by a_k: I need help creating a fitness plan?
I was wondering what the best fitness plan would be for me. I want to improve my fitness and tone my body. I will run but I prefer other cardio activities to mix it up. What would be the best weekly plan for me? Also, any other tips you may have to help me reach my goal. Thanks!

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Answer by Slick
strenght training is better than cardio..
it boosts metabolism and you burn calories while you carry on with your day..

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  1. Webster says:

    I heard doing strength training when you first get to the gym and then doing your cardio burns more calories and is more effective. Also, be sure to watch what you eat while working out. Just because you work out doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want. You may want to work with a personal trainer when you first start out so you know how to work with the weights.

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