I need to start a fitness plan , can someone help me?

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fitness plan
by heraldpost

Question by suburbian girl: I need to start a fitness plan , can someone help me?
Well I am starting school again in two months so I want to beat my mile time. My average mile time is 7:34 , but I want to beat it by atleast a minute.

How much should I run a week?
should I run more then amile a day?

I’m 13 years old , 5 foot 1 inches. And 109 pounds.

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This site has info about interval training:


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  1. Jonathan W says:

    Ok, What you need to do is focus on running a mile. You do not want to under run or over run. If you can I would go on google maps or whatever and design a mile long route starting at your house and ending at your house. You should try to run normally and get your time. You need to write that time down and then the next day you run try to beat that time even if it is by ten seconds. You keep doing this and you will see improvements in your running. If you plan to run every day I would run in this pattern.

    Monday – 1 Mile
    Tuesday – 1 Mile
    Wednesday – 2 Miles
    Thursday – 1 Mile
    Friday – 1 Mile
    Saturday – 2 Miles
    Sunday – Break

    You only record your times on 1 mile days. Switching up with two miles days will build your endurance allowing you to sprint for longer periods. You should never allow your self to give up and always finish. When you are coming up on a straight away that is the finish line you should sprint as fast as you can no matter how much your legs hurt. Another thing. Never train your thighs it adds weight to you body that you don’t need. Calf muscles will come naturally.

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