I want to lose weight this summer, coudl you give me a daily fitness plan for me?

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Question by I’m Not your BoyFrienddd: I want to lose weight this summer, coudl you give me a daily fitness plan for me?
Something i could stick to and do every day., like idk jog for so long, then do crunches or whatever. Just whatever I need to do to lose 20 pounds over the summer. I really really need this, please help, thanks!

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Answer by Tyler Bernstein
Jog then do alot of pushups and sit-ups and try to increase the number of them u do each day helps a ton

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  1. Zack Cook says:

    Ok, this is the sure fire way to shed some pounds BUT it requires hard work and commitment or else it will not work. What you need to do is a lot of cardio/yoga. Cardio would evolve running and jogging and other activities that get your heart pumping. I would suggest 5-10 minute runs with short breaks in between if you are not experienced or used to working out. You see to lose one pound you have to burn about 3,500 excess calories. This means that if you burn 500 calories a day for the course of about a week you would lose a pound. Of course you could burn more than that but that all depends on how much you put into it. I would also suggest altering you diet because if you don’t you won’t loose any weight because you are honestly only supposed to intake a certain amount calories in a day in the first place or you will GAIN weight. I would say about 2,500 for a girl but that may vary (i intake 4,000 – 5,000 a day to gain weight myself) You just need to keep that in mind if you really desire to lose weight. So to summarize what I just said simply

    1. Jog/Run for 10 minutes or so minutes with short breaks (until you are like completely spent)
    2. Alter you diet (healthy foods, NO soft drinks, no Debbie cakes, etc. )
    3. Do not let muscle gains in your calves/legs from your runs discourage your weight loss
    4. Do you some yoga (it will improve your flexibility and give you a nice flat stomach)
    5. If you do work hard and lose some weight and you feel you deserve a small reward on saturday feel free (NOTE: reward is not a cake or something crazy.. I reward myself with a soft drink (not a dark one like coke but like a mountain dew or something lighter because the darker a drink the worse it is for you.)

    As for the crunches and stuff..unless you want bigger abdominals (thicker stomach) i would lay off of those as they are not necessary if you do yoga or run a lot. If you want a flat tight stomach i would suggest scissors or six inches (lay on your back and switch feet like a scissor every three seconds but hold in between, Do 25 reps of those every other day and you stomach will be tighter soon.) I could go on and on.. But just do what feels best to you. If you stick with it i promise you will lose weight. If you have the money invest in p90x or Zumba.. I use p90x to condition myself when i’m not in shape and it has a great method of muscle confusion so that you may continue to lose tons of weight. Well that sums up a ton of way you can lose weight. Good Luck!


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