I’m starting a fitness plan where do i start?

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Question by alicks2005: I’m starting a fitness plan where do i start?
I Just need to lose the belly (jelly belly) and legs and bum trimmer. But i dont know what to do or how long for and whats best to eat please help the suns coming out..

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Answer by Rose
start deciding on wat food u will eat and wat time. also decide wat time u will exercise

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9 Responses to “I’m starting a fitness plan where do i start?”
  1. geekdemon says:

    here’s the step
    1. quit soda
    2. start running
    3. sweat all the time
    4. eat well, dont skip
    5. dont eat after 7 PM (so u can lose weight in ur sleep)
    exercise everyday.

  2. wikkedsun says:

    Diet wise dont drink soda stop eating any sugar watch dont double up on carbs like bread and rice or pasta and rice, Try and eat healthier little changes will make a big difference no fast food exercise start off with a walk on a very steep incline its less stress on the body at first but very efficient fat burner. Then start jogging more and more. If ur sort of in shape already start running miles like ten minute miles 9 minute mile keep the pace on the treadmill stay hydrated and to build muscles for your abs sit ups 1000 a day

  3. hermosa says:

    at the gym!!

  4. youcrunch says:

    You may want to go to a gym and subsrube for a year . Then get acquaintedwith the equipment at the gym with a fitness trainer. Your fitness trainer will then later tell you what machines to workout at and how many times a week. If the gym also has a nutrionist, go and ask for advice on what to eat and how much to eat of what.

  5. mlkays1 says:

    Join a gym, get some time with a personal trainer and they will put you on the correct path of diet and exercise

  6. such_totaly_hot says:

    Well and work out plan can really burn out those flabs… what really affect how much you lose is the food you take… i suggest that you stop on the carbs (bread, potatoes, rice) and grab some protein (meat, soy, beans)… also don’t drink soft drinks that are a total NO-NO… go for water… lots and lots of water, especially before having some grub… water can`t make you fatter it helps detox your body especially because you are going to burn and sweat so much…

  7. da1wibbler says:

    think of something you like to do;something that can get you moving- bicycling,walking in parks,dancing, martial arts,going to museums(walking through them). once you find something try to do it on a regular basis. pick things you can do alone and with friends. don’t start with a lot right away, work into it slowly. don’t shock your body. good luck

  8. nbbastard says:

    if its not low fat(except unsaturated fats,they’re good for you in normal doses),low in carbs,high in protein & fiber,DON’T EAT IT!!!exercise for at least 1 hour a day 4/5 days a week(not including cardio.try to get that anyway you can,i.e.,parking in the furthest spot,walking to the store that just 10 blocks down the street, SEX!!!for at least an hour of increased heart rate a day)no refined sugar(and not too much natural sugar either)only eat whole grains(read the label,if it does not say whole grain,i.e.,seven grain,multigrain then it is not whole.must say whole!!!). limit processed food.anything organic is usually very good(the hippies got something right!!!)


  9. mistermistie says:

    As others have mentioned, the very first thing you do is get off the ‘junk’. No fast food, no sodas, no processed sugar of any kind. If you have not been exercising at all, start your program off by simply walking — every day! Eat lots of fruit and veggies. Lay off heavy meats and chicken for awhile to give your digestive system a rest. Don’t worry about carbs and protein, you’ll get plenty with the fruits and veggies. If your not in the habit of cooking for yourself, get into it. Cooking for yourself allows you to know exactly what’s in the food you are eating. Eat when hungry only and stop when you are full (It takes only a couple of days to re-train the brain to do this). Preparing your own salads, for example, is fun, easy and if you do it right (NO BOTTLED DRESSINGS — MAKE YOUR OWN), makes for a very healthy and satisfying meal. There is so much more, and most of it is common sense, but the above is a good start. Best of luck to you.

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