Q&A: 21 year old female fitness and nutritional plan?

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Question by LoLiE: 21 year old female fitness and nutritional plan?
I am currently a full time student living at school and within the past 2 months i have gained almost up to ten pounds. I truly hate this feeling and i want a really good and motivating plan. I am 5 ‘7 155 lbs and want to loose at least 10-20 lbs. i just need some tips and ideas on how to accomplish this, and not stop within the first week of doing so. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

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Answer by Phoenix
LOL! I actually have a blog that I am constantly updating about this kind of stuff!
It is geared towards those who have more like 25+ lbs to lose, but it will totally help you too!

Also, it links over to this weight loss product I am promoting, and if you click it and watch the video, it will educate you so much! It is really a great program. You don’t have to sign up, but the video is REALLY informative 😉


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  1. ~luckiistarzz~ says:

    ask jillian michaels

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