Q&A: Can somebody write me up a fitness and diet plan?

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Question by sweetiexoxo: Can somebody write me up a fitness and diet plan?
I want to lose some weight for my prom which is in 2 weeks, because recently I’ve noticed I’m putting more weight on than usual. Can anybody write me up a diet plan and a fitness routine for 2 weeks? (I don’t eat vegetables, I don’t like them so don’t suggest those please, I like fruit however). Thank you! Also, can you tell me how to do each exercises briefly or any other ideas for losing weight in 2 weeks?

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Answer by JerryJ
Diets to lose weight don’t work because the body goes into a kind of starvation mode where is squirrels away every spare calorie as fat and can even use bone and muscle tissue for energy. You need to eat sensibly as recommended in the Harvard Eating Pyramid and exercise at your target heart rate to reduce the percentage of body fat.


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  1. Julie says:

    Trying to lose weight in a short time period is not a healthy way to do things.
    Diets don’t work. If you eat right and exercise you will lose weight and keep it off

  2. I'm Here says:

    Simple. Just make an easy workout plan for each weekday at the gym. WeekENDS are breaks.
    MY workout plan goes like this:
    Mondays-Legs (Running, stuff like that)
    Tuesdays-Biceps and triceps (Weights, machines at the gym, etc.)
    Wednesdays-I just take yoga classes at the gym that day
    Thursdays-Sports (Basketball, Swimming, etc. You can do these at the gym)
    Friday- Abs
    Saturday- BREAK

    ^^ That’s just MY workout plan. Feel free to come up with your own! Also, while you are exercising, Make sure to get lots of water. And don’t push yourself beyond your limit. That can lead to tearing muscles, so then you can’t exercise. Make sure you eat healthy. Eat fruits and veggies! You may not like vegetables but with combinations, they’re awesome! Here’s some:
    Celery and Peanut butter
    Carrots and ranch
    Broccoli with melted cheese
    ^^Stuff like that!
    Cut down on ALL junk food. Eat whole meals. Eat whole wheat bread. Eat brown rice. Then you will lose weight in no time!

    Hope I helped!

    -I’m Here

  3. Squirrely! says:

    I think we’re in a similar boat because I’m going to the beach in two weeks and want to make sure I look good. Honestly, and anyone who is thin who has had excess weight will tell you, body fat is all about how many calories you put in, NOT about how much you exercise. Exercise to relax or for your sanity or overall long term health, but there is no amount of exercise you can do in two weeks that is going to be make a significant impact on your weight. You will need to cut calories back a lot. If you want to lose 5-10lbs you are going to have to eat many small “meals” throughout the day, where a meal is really just a snack of 100-200 calories. You will feel sad, you might get a headache, you will feel like it’s unhealthy and hate everyone in the universe, but it does work and it is what most people do to lose weight in a short amount of time. Sorry, I know it sucks. Just know that it is only a couple of weeks that you have to stick it out. Just try to eat as little as possible, make healthy choices with the foods you do eat, only drink water as a beverage, avoid sweets that are high in sugar, etc. You can do it!! But it is not easy

  4. jeezybeats says:

    Run as much as you can every moring or what ever time you prefer,drink alot of water,it will help you not to get hungry,eat fruits,for breakfast you can have a bowl of cereal,and for dinner just a fruit salad or some yogut,since you hate vagetable,you should aviod greasy stuff.

  5. Evill Llamas says:

    It takes me over an hour to wright my own exercise plans alone, so no. I will not spend a very long time telling someone what to do, who will probably give up and not try very hard, since you couldn’t even be bothered to research it yourself.

    Google it.

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