Q&A: Diet and fitness plan for a flat lower stomach?

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Question by anonymous: Diet and fitness plan for a flat lower stomach?
I’ve already asked this, but I really want help. I want a flat lower stomach for my ballet recital in about a month. I’m vegetarian, I work out, have access to the gym, and just really need your help.
I’m not fat, and the rest of my stomach is fine, just the stubborn lower part…
I’m willing to try about anything. I have a solo and want to look my best, thanks for your help.

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Answer by Sky Line
your lower abdominal muscles are the hardest to build up and if you want to cut body fat you have to do a lot of cardio, as for a plan just hit the treadmill and the stair climber for about 30 mins a day and you will see a big difference as long as you stay away from fatty foods

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  1. Susan Yarrawonga says:

    Running, cycling, swimming, dancing, brisk walking and power walking all help.

    Unfortunately belly fat is extremely stubborn and is usually the last fat to go.

    For a flat belly you need avocados, berries, green tea, oatmeal or tomatoes.

    You can see further details in a web search for “5 foods for a flat belly”.

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