Q&A: Do we need a mandatory national exercise/fitness plan?

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Question by Eros: Do we need a mandatory national exercise/fitness plan?
We can set up weigh stations to weigh the citizenry and if they’re overweight force them to take part in daily exercise groups. This could cut health care costs down a lot in a nation where most people are overweight or obese, your thoughts?

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Answer by aimee c
no if people want to be fat asses thats their business

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11 Responses to “Q&A: Do we need a mandatory national exercise/fitness plan?”
  1. poppyg says:

    Yeah sure just what America needs. More inept control by govt. bureaucrats.

  2. American says:

    it’s my right to be a fat pig.

  3. Eric P says:

    How about your taxes increase if you are obese to offset the increased cost of your Healthcare

  4. Tina says:

    If I want to eat a hole bag of doritos tonight I will. I live in America and that is my choice.

  5. Barfo The Klown™♠ says:

    Why would it be mandatory? It should be encouraged, but if people want to sit around stuffing their faces and not getting any exercise it’s up to them. I don’t want to pay for their medical care though.

  6. rover07 says:

    We need government exercise like we need government health care. We don’t.

  7. Boozette Jones says:

    I would sell Twinkis and Yoo Hoo outside.
    Can’t ever beat Capatilism, it works to well.

  8. outraged says:

    My husband just said yesterday that he does not want to pay higher health costs because of people who are over weight. We went out to dinner and all these extremely heavy people were going back to the buffet 3 or 4 times. He feels they should be made to eat right. I don’t believe in anything that removes peoples rights regardless if it is bad for them. Freedom is what I am all about.

  9. Steel Rain says:

    This sounds like code for re-institute the draft to me.

  10. Prospero Reincarnate says:

    Actually, people in the obese BMI don’t cost more in healthcare, because they die younger. People in the overweight category actually live the longest, and cost the most. People who have the “correct” BMI actually die younger than those who are rated as Overweight, but also pay less in healthcare over their lives than Overweight people, and more than Obese people. (just the numbers, reference: NPR)

    So, a national exercise plan would not necessarily lower costs overall. But, it may help with quality of life issues. But, if it’s done just for money, that will not be effective. (The economy doesn’t care if someone spends 50,000$ this year then dies, or 10,000$ a year for 5 years running then dies) A national plan (though I wince at the word “mandatory”) could help improve our lives.

  11. Water Traveller says:

    It’s a good idea but has historically proven to be unpopular.
    I don’t think the English or the Chinese have implemented such a plan lately. The Chinese and the Russians tried this sort of thing in the 50’s and 60’s but it proved unpopular and ineffective at keeping down weight gain in all but 40 or 50 million people. Food rationing and forced conversion of farmland to more profitable uses are much more effective in achieving these goals.
    The Chinese help to keep their health care costs down by forced abortion. This innovative idea is much simpler than a national fitness plan.
    We should all write our congresspeople in support of a national forced abortion plan, to curb our out-of-control population(and consequently public health care costs) growth.
    In groups with traditionally high population growth and endemic problems with obesity and heart disease this plan will be particularly compassionate and caring. These groups show the fastest growth in public health care costs. Congress is working on a plan today which will show compassion for those most in need of care and a forced abortion option is the compassionate choice.
    Without such a plan to curb population growth and limit the availability of food, our government will be forced to implement an exercise plan for all so that we don’t die of very expensive heart disease. This, however, could be implemented as part of a national infrastructure rebuilding plan. Millions could rebuild all our dangerously out-of-repair roads and bridges by encouraged manual labor, saving on fuel costs, cutting carbon emisions, and getting plenty of exercise. The benefits of this plan are too numerous to mention, the joblessness rate will plummet, health care cost will drop, new roads and bridges will be the pride of a new nation.
    Let’s all join together in our national campaign to support our congress in this important and historic change to our traditional way of life !!

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