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Question by allstarcheer23: fitness plan??
anyone have a fitness plan? Also some tips on how to eat lesss im 14.. 5’4.5” and im 106 pounds but as soon as i get home from school i will eat multiple things im not saying i wantt o lose weight i just want to eat less because i dont want this to turn bad

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Answer by preppychick426
DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF< that will just take longer for u to lose weight, cuz since ur not getting enough energy from food, ur body has to store ur fat for energy, so it creates more fat. Thus, u get fatter instead of just eatin enough and burning the calories which is a much faster and more effective way! DONT DO ANY PILLS, VIDEOS< OR CDS (losing weight doesnt have to cost money) OR ANY OTHER STUFF(SLIM FAST) YOU CAN STILL EAT GOOD FOODS, JUST IN MODERATION. DONT LIMIT YOURSELF< IF YOU REALLY WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT HERES A GREAT PLAN THAT REALLY WORKS: Every day do: 25 push ups 25 sit ups 15 leg lifts Go riding a bike for 20-40 minutes Walk to and from places if its possible to Run a mile once a week Swim twice a week for a half hour FOOD: Eat all three meals a day, just dont overfeed. Take your time when eating. If you want any snacks in between, eat celery/carrots or something healthy. No soda WATER When you want flavor badly, drink crystal light. For breakfast, have cereal or yoghurt. For lunch, have a salad or sanwich with whole wheat bread For dinner, enjoy yourself, but dont pig out or have super unhealthy foods...example:::fried chicken with a side of french fries and chocolate cake for dessert!!! UHH NOOO!! NO ICE CREAM Eat 1 hour after waking up(if u can) and 3 hours before u go to bed. Try to get 6 to 8 hours of sleep. When your body is deprived of sleep your appiteite increases by 15%. NO POPCORN< CANDY NO CHIPS FRIED FOODS ONLY 1 time per week NO COOKIES/cake (WHEN I SAY NO blah blah blah,,, it means u can have it, but like 1 time per week or 2 weeks if you choose.) ***SOME EXTRA TIPS: Try to avoid white, bleached, or enriched flour. Stay away from high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils. Read food labels, often times they say stuff is "healthy" and it really isnt. For instance, if u see that there is more than 20 grams of sugar in a candy bar, thats high so u should limit that candy bar to like 1 time per week! Get the point? YOU HAVE TO STICK WITH THE ROUTINE DONT GET LAZY>>>KEEP PUSHING!!! GOOD LUCK, DONT WORRY U CAN DO THIS!

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