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Question by AZNLUCK: Fitness plan?
I’m starting a fitness plan for the new year, I’m planning to start doing yoga and pilates once a week along with a sensible diet. Does anyone have any guidelines or basics to help me get started?

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Answer by Chupacabra!
Stop all the “planning” and get your butt to the gym!

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3 Responses to “Q&A: Fitness plan?”
  1. BH says:

    I love yoga…it’s fabulous for stretching you out and increasing flexibility…pilates I have less exprience with, but strengthening your core is a good thing…

    These aren’t great weightloss exercise regimes though so it depends on what your goal is. If you want to lose pounds, add some cardio to it. If you just seek to strengthen and tone, these will be great.

    I wish you the best of luck in reaching your goal soon and maintaining it.

  2. ssgtmommy01 says:

    So far your on the right track! I suggest that after about 2 weeks of doing your yoga/pilates you may want to add 2 more days and continue to add more days until you reach 5 days a week.

    With your diet though I don’t like using the word diet.. Healther eating habits I suggest you incorporate in that no fried foods, cutting out/down on sodas and drink plenty of water.

    Treat yourself once a week on something fried if you must but I wouldn’t over do it ( it’s just not good for you no matter how you look at it)

    If your not a water fan there are many flavored waters out on the market today. Tropicana has one “Summer Lemon” it’s simply awesome!! Give it a try to get your daily water intake.

    You may or may not be doing this to lose weight but just by doing these little things eating healther is simply the best for your body anyway… You can’t go wrong!

    I wish you the best of luck with your new goals!! I’m sure you will do great!

    Happy Holidays & New Year!!

  3. matthew s says:

    Try, my program:

    Im emailing you just to see how your workout is going, now i am sending you all 6 of my hard intense programs, i just made my last one just now, here it it:

    Sunday:Aerobic Program:


    D.D. laps(6) x 2

    Reverse/Field laps x 3 (8 laps, note 2 laps = 1 mile)

    3 full advanced laps x 2 ( 1 lap = 3/4 a mile)

    Redskin in field x 2

    Sprogs x 2(2 reps, Sprog = Jog halfway then sprint halfway)

    Big Zig Zag x 2

    Crappies x 2

    long crosses x 1

    parkour x 1

    city runs x 3(2 laps)

    Church Top Laps x 2(3 laps)

    Bottom church laps x 2(3laps)

    Full church laps x 1(6laps)

    Extreme laps x 2(2laps)

    X-treme laps x 1(2laps)

    XxTreme lap x 1

    The field i run is huge.



    Football drills x 4

    Wrestling drills x 3

    Plyometrics x 4

    Doc x 2(6 cards)

    4-quarters x 4

    Squares x 3

    Wind Sprints x 3 (10)

    Guts x 4

    Jump Rope x 3(5min)

    Wall sets x 3(3 min)

    Leg lifts x 3(2min)

    Burpies x 4(2min)

    Bunnies x 4(2min)

    1 arm push ups x 3(15 reps)

    Log Carry x 4(6 laps)

    Log Push x 4 ( 10 reps)

    Pull-ups x 4(10 reps)

    Push-up holds x 4 (5 min)

    Z-Drill x 4

    M-Drill x 4

    Zig Zag x 4

    Crosses x 4

    Triangles x 4

    Redskins x 10(5)(5)

    8-quarter drill x 4

    Speed Intervals x 3

    Soccer drills x 2

    Sprogs x 4

    4+ drill x 3

    P-drill x 3

    I-drill x 3 (2)

    High Jumps x 3 (D.D.)

    Swimming x 1 (when it gets summer)

    Ball Jumps x 4

    Big T’s x 2

    Agility Box x 3

    Dirty Dozen x 4

    Doc Laps x 2 ( 4 cards)

    20 yd. guts x 3 (10 reps)

    30 yd. guts x 3 (10 reps)

    40 yd. guts x 3 (10 reps)

    Trailer Park laps x 3 ( 5 laps, i dont live in a trailer.)

    Strongman training x 3

    Backtier x 3 (10)

    Homes x 3 (10)(2)

    Chields x 2 (10 laps)

    BP’s x 2 (10 laps)

    Soccer jumps x 4

    Thats it, for anaerobic, i made up half of these drills that are effective use your imagination when you run, i do, im creative.



    D.D.(6) Jog hills x 2

    D.D.(6) Sprint hills x 2

    Sprog uphills x 2 (10 hills)

    D.D. Frontier x 2 (6)

    D.D.Roads x 2 (6)

    T.P. Laps x 2 ( 5 laps)

    Big T’s x 2 ( 10 T’s)

    Redskin big T’s x 2

    Tower hill x 2( 5 hills)

    Heaven Hill x 2 ( 5 hills)

    Grave Yard Hills x 2 ( 3 hills)

    Weighted hill running x 2 ( 10 hills)

    Hills will get you in shape really quick, make your running form better, your speed will increase and so will your leg strength.Thats why i run them.

    Ok, every Wed. i have a challenge or test, to see if i have enough Potential, Endurance, and the Will to continue.here is my first challenge/test i will do next week.

    Challenges/Tests Program, Wed.:

    Wed.Challenge #1:

    Run 5 field laps without stopping,Drop down do 10 one arm push-ups,get up do 2 Advanced laps without stopping,go home run 1-6 d.d. way, then do some speed intervals,after that do agility box without stopping then do crosses,Rest 2 min.,Run 3 big T’s,then do 5 hills sprinting,come home do one frontier lap,rest 2 min,Sprogs then redskins without stopping, then 2 T.P.(trailer park laps), 1 city lap, run 1 top church then 1 bottom them 1 full, jog home do 10 one arm pushups then your done for the day.Im gonna do all this without stopping except for the rest times required.

    That is gonna be my first challenge, next week, make your own challenges or you can try this one.nect Program.

    Sprinting Program : Thursday:

    Sprint Laps around house x 2 (10 laps)

    Sprint ADV. Frontier x 2

    40’s x 4 (20;40’s)

    speed intervals x 3 (10 laps)

    Squares x 3

    Sprogs x 4

    Sprint Box x 2

    Guts x 3

    Hill Sprints x 2( 10 hills)

    D.D.(6) laps x 1

    Speed laps x 2 ( 10 laps)

    Big +’s 5 each direction x 3

    Redsprints x 2

    Sprint 40’s till no more x 5

    Note: you sprint all these not jog, not walk, not jog fast, you sprint, this is what im gonna do to get in the 4 seconds now im in the 5’s.In the 40 i get 5.44 i want to get at least a 4.99.

    Last Program: 2nd to hardest.

    Enndurance Program : Friday :


    City laps to failure x 2

    Church laps to failure x 2

    Sprinting 40’s to failure x 2

    Field laps to failure x 2

    Hills to failure x 2

    Plyometrics to failure x 2

    Ball jumps to failure x 2

    Speed Intervals to failure x 2

    Guts to failure x 2

    Jog 40’s to failure x 2

    Push-ups to failure x 2

    Sit-ups to failure x 2

    Push-up holds to failure x 2

    soccer drills to failure x 2

    Sheilds to failure x 2

    Big T’s to failure x 2

    Trailer Park laps to failure x 2

    laps around house till failure x 2

    Chields to failure x 2

    Dirty Dozens to failure x 2

    This means do this stuff till you cant do it anymore, x 2 means do it 2 times.This will build your Endurance way up, This program is the one i thought up today.On Saturday it’s full rest no nothing.This Is My Full Program.I hope you like it, if you have any questions on some of these, feel free to take any of these drills to do in your program(s).But how is your program going? Thanks, :)

    Train Hard My Friend! Matthew

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