Q&A: How does Obama’s health care plan benefit fitness centers?

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by USAG-Humphreys

Question by Sindee: How does Obama’s health care plan benefit fitness centers?
I see how it benefits the insurance and medical industries. Is there any requirements to send some of the larger people in our society into workout programs?

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Answer by Chris S
It might.

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9 Responses to “Q&A: How does Obama’s health care plan benefit fitness centers?”
  1. rookie35m says:

    A gym membership is $40/month. If a fat person cannot afford $40/month, how is lowering it to $5/month somehow going to motivate people into getting fit?

  2. Coffee says:

    You obviously aren’t aware that many insurance companies offer weight loss help as it is. Mine with BCBS actually offers a 20% discount for things like Jenny Craig. Some of the plans on the exchanges will no doubt do the same.

  3. ObamaRoll says:

    maybe fats could spend food money on gym membership

  4. Elena says:

    There are public exercise facilities like the YMCA or other public recreational facilities. These are free to the public.

  5. Tom S says:

    I am not responsible for paying for gym memberships. If you want to exercise go out and walk. If you want to join a Gym, pay for it yourself. Where do we stop? We want people to eat healthier, so we should hire everyone a chef? I am saddened by the path America is now taking, people now want everyone else to pay for their wants.

  6. Not My Fault! says:

    Huh? It doesn’t benefit medical industries & doctors. It CUTS medicare payments to doctors. That’s why they have a separate “doctor fix” and 1/3 of doctors have threatened to quit if Obama-care passed.

    Insurance companies are being vilified as the bad guy that is making huge profits on the backs of consumers. They only have about a 3% profit margin. That’s tiny!

  7. Graciela, RIRS says:

    A lot of people are too lazy to work out, no matter what. You can go run outside for free already. The truth is that junk food and electronic entertainment are usually more appealing than exercise. I only work out for vanity reasons. Yes, I know it’s healthy but my main motivation is bathing suit season.

  8. Maureen M says:

    Obama’s plan may mandate insurance coverage for all but it cannot force a person to follow a particular lifestyle. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. Even Obama and Pelosi can’t go door to door and see if you are attending the gym on a regular basis. By the way, why only the larger people. That is discrimination.

  9. Xynda says:

    Maybe they will pay for your lobotomy Sindee!

    You can’t MAKE large people DO anything!

    Even skinny people had better FLOCK to fitness centers and try to get healthy on their own. Doctor’s aren’t going to take a pay cut! They are going to retire in droves, leaving less doctors and more people waiting months for an appointment. Good luck with that!!

    Obama said he doesn’t have a problem with “eliminating” 25 million people. If you don’t work and pay taxes, you could be on the list.

    Bottom line: You’re NOT going to get health care, if you aren’t WORTH IT! Neither is your your spouse, children, parents, grandparents.

    Babies and children will be “eliminated” because society does not have anything invested in them.


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