Q&A: Online diet and fitness plan, to gain weight?

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Question by clctaube: Online diet and fitness plan, to gain weight?
I have found a few online diet and fitness plans that look grea.. However, does anyone know of a site that will allow me to gain weight? They all seem to be geared for weight loss.. I really just want to use it for meal planning, so that I don’t have to count calories and nutrition myself.. Any help would be appreciated!

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Answer by Sweet Pink

they sells products too, but lots of articles and diet and exercise plan too.

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3 Responses to “Q&A: Online diet and fitness plan, to gain weight?”
  1. mcdonoughin2008 says:

    I have found that Self Magazine has a really great website and is geared towards all sorts of healthy body issues like weight loss, weight management and weight gain. They have two websites that I use consistently that I hope you will find helpful. Good luck!


    You may need a magazine subscription for the Diet Club, but it is worth it.

  2. gammaraze says:

    there is not a single website that will allow you to gain weight… websites do not control what you eat or do and do not restrict you from eating what you want… what kind of weight are you looking to gain? mcdonalds helps in the fat gaining… bodybuilding helps in the muscle building, and any weight/mass gainer will contain protein, carbs and fat to help you build muscle

  3. Krs says:

    YES, it work…I lose 80 lbs. and keep it off. You need to try Herbalife. You will feel great and have lot of energy.

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