Q&A: What is an efficient diet and fitness plan?

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by familymwr

Question by bighotdeer: What is an efficient diet and fitness plan?
I am tring to workout more and diet

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Answer by Ask a Health Nut
I recommend checking out my site for some help with diet and workout plans and help with goal setting.
Thats the link to the table of contents
I hope it helps!

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  1. Pete S says:

    Everyone is always on a “diet.” A diet is what you eat. So, thinking about it in those terms, think about what you eat, and how often.

    To become more healthy, eat smaller portions more often throughout the day. Eat breakfast, a snack in mid-morning, lunch, a snack in mid-afternoon, and dinner. Try not to eat anything after 8pm. Avoid junk food and processed foods.

    For fitness, do what makes you happy. Run, bike, hike, play basketball, volley ball, swim, workout at a gym, do martial arts, or whatever interests you. And, do a variety of things throughout the week. Enjoy what you do!

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