Q&A: What kind of fitness plan should I have?

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by familymwr

Question by Austin: What kind of fitness plan should I have?
For several months I did nothing but laid on the bed and play on the computer and now I’m more out of shape than ever. I used to weigh 155lbs~ and now I weigh 163. I’ve been jogging for about 3 days now. And doing push-ups. I really want to get in shape and look good by August. I’m 17 and 6’0. What sort of plan should I come up with?

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Answer by jyothiprasadb
According to your height and weight, you are in good condition, I don’t think you have to reduce weight. I don’t think you need to jog so much. Concentrate more on strength training. Along with push-ups Buy a dumbbell or two and concentrate on building muscles rather than losing weight. It is not bad to jog or anything but it is important that you don’t over do it and reduce weight.

Make sure you are eating right quantities of carbs, protein and fat. To find out how much carbs, protein, and fat you need for day, go to www.sparkpeople.com;

All the best with your fitness plan.

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