Q&A: What should my health and fitness plan be for this summer?

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Question by ThisFlipBitch: What should my health and fitness plan be for this summer?
I’m 12 years old, at a height of 4″11, and definitely weighing more than I should (at least 20 lbs. overweight-I think o.o). I want to not only lose weight, but become more healthy too. I want to look better and be more fit and lean for the next school year, so I definitely need some help. If you can, can you provide some exercises,tips, and the right foods to eat, or all in all, a health and fitness plan for me? It’ll be greatly appreciated :]

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Answer by Verseun Alan
Being a personal trainer for 5 years , i could only advise you this . That at this stage of growth , you will encounter the most muscle gain/height gain/strength gain . The effects of puberty on your body is like instant growth enhancement . What you have to do to capitalise on this is a combination of things .

1) Improve on sports performance ( you are at your peak at mastering motor skill related activities , so pick up basketball , take jiu jitsu , and anything , and you will learn fast)

2) Do not do treamills (why do it when you can do soccer), you wanna burn calories , play soccer with friends , run up a hill , box , or wrestle younger siblings . Confirmed high calorie burn.

3) Do not take power lifting classes ( yes its true , it will stunt your growth , epiphyseal plates at the end of your bones will seal if you lift very heavy weights , stunting your growth )

4) Watch your diet ( eat more , just the low glycemic index foods) calculate your current weight , and your current calories , you can use a calorie counter at www.foodfocus.co.uk

5) Weight train sensibly , do weights but sensibly , lift any weight you can do for just 10 times and you cant do any more by the 11th .

But ultimately there are tons of advice i could dish out , why not take a look at this , a combination of all the best fitness industry information . Right here .


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