Slipping back into a good fitness plan?

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fitness plan
by USAG-Humphreys

Question by Stephen: Slipping back into a good fitness plan?
I have always been kinda chubby until about 5 months ago i decided to do something about it and my Body fat percentage dropped from 33% to 16.7%…But recently i have noticed that i am starting to put the weight back on. After losing a lot of motivation and starting to eat bad again. Could anyone give me some tips, effective workouts, good cardio
All answers appreciated
I am 14 years old
Height: 5ft 6
Weight: 10st 1lbs
Body fat: 20%

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Answer by SPK
well dude,
what’s happenin’ to yu happens to the best of us. temptationis a killa. kills all da progress yu made, but i have to give yu congrats & major kudos for goin’ from 33% to 16.5% in da body fat. yu jus gatta keep motivatin’ images in ya front focus. i used to be a personal trainer & i have come across a gentleman with US military training secrets that could be put into use in & outside of the gym. check out my source to learn more.

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