What advice can you give me so that I can stick to my fitness plan?

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Question by Kristel22_14: What advice can you give me so that I can stick to my fitness plan?

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Answer by AlexM138
develop a set schedule, have a partner to motivate each other, and turn it into a habit. fitness is habit forming!

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4 Responses to “What advice can you give me so that I can stick to my fitness plan?”
  1. Chris M says:

    develop self discipline. nobody but you can make you stick to it.

  2. secretchordnow says:

    It always helps if you have a fitness buddy for accountability. Then you can motivate each other. If you don’t, determination is your best bet. After a few weeks, working out and eating right becomes more of a habit. Don’t totally deny yourself of the things you love, but eat them in smaller portions. Work out in whatever way you like. If you don’t like the tredmill try the elliptical, etc.

  3. cutiepie81289 says:

    think positive about yourself, eat alot of fiber which helps in making you feel full. When you still feel hungry after eating wait 20 minutes it takes this long for your brain to tell your stomach you have eaten and are full.
    Have a support group, don’t hang around those that try to sabbotage your goals.

  4. NANDO says:

    “Want” to stay fit also it helps do some kind of exercise whether it’s walking, running, jogging…something to get your heart rate up(and yes this does include bed activities). My rule of thumb is if I want something bad enough then go get it. Provided it is “gettable” and it does no harm to someone else. The opposite is true for things that I do not want. The point being you should first start with self, visualize who you want to be then set up short term goals on how you would maintain what you have. Good luck and hope this helps!

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