what do you think of my weekly fitness plan?

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Question by *OzZy!*: what do you think of my weekly fitness plan?
I pretty much do this every week….ive lost 28 pounds i now weigh 121 pounds and 5ft3…i eat around 1200-1300 calories a day… would i continue to lose weight or will i just be maintaining…i dont mind if i stay at the same weight or lose a bit more..
Swimming twice a week for an hour and a half
Walking for an hour twice a week
15 minute brisk walk on the treadmill twice a week
my emergency workout lol which includes 20 push ups 70 situps, weights,leg raises,side leg raises, stretches…i do this twice a week…

Oh ill be fasting for 3 weeks due to religous reasons…fasting for 13 hours…my exercise level will stoop to minimum due to lack of energy naturally…so i hope i dont gain weight…i wont be eating any junk food just a healthy filling meal…

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Answer by SpaceFreak
You will loose weight fasting won’t you?
I think its really good but don’t over do it, you should be able to spot when you’re too thin. Its not always about weight either as muscle is heavier than fat.
Its how you look and feel.
It sound really good, and if i wasnt so lazy, i’d copy it

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2 Responses to “what do you think of my weekly fitness plan?”
  1. kat says:

    You will continue to lose weight until you up your calorie intake. Your fitness routine sounds great. By continuing with that workout and eating 1800-2000 calories a day, you will maintain.

  2. gkltdd says:

    woah, good job… keep up the good work!

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