What is a good diet/fitness plan for me?

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by raider3_anime

Question by sdman: What is a good diet/fitness plan for me?
I’m 13 and starting to get out of shape. I used to exercise good and stuff, but i have recently stopped and i’m trying to get back. I have no access to a gym or weights. Please give me some good suggestions.

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Answer by Happy
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2 Responses to “What is a good diet/fitness plan for me?”
  1. theexecutioner52 says:

    Well, 85% of your physique is diet. Eating right is a HUGE part to what you look like. As for the exercise part, just being active should suffice right now. Get out and play some basketball with your friends, or something like that. 13 is too young for weights. I started lifting that young, got obsessed with myself, and became a slave to it. I got bigger than all the other guys, but because I stressed my muscles so young, my nerves dulled and now my hands shake and it’s hard to hold them still. What I’m trying to say is have fun being in good shape for now.

  2. Sunjot S says:

    Heres A Plan:

    1200 Calories Eaten A Day.
    4-5 Meals.
    200-250 Calories Per Meal.
    Run For 30 Minutes.
    Ride Bike For 15-20 Minutes.

    Eat Healthy.
    Eat Fruits/Veggies During 2 Of Your Meals.

    Good Luck

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