What is a good fitness and diet plan to get a model body?

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by USAG-Humphreys

Question by BlahØŸ: What is a good fitness and diet plan to get a model body?
Is it all just their genes or do they also work out other than the fact that they probably starve themselves? I know it’s like merely impossible to get a body like Adriana Lima’s without really hard work and all, but what would be some machines you should spend your time on in a gym to get the same things toned? And also any good tips for eating?

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Answer by Andrew T
eat low crabs

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3 Responses to “What is a good fitness and diet plan to get a model body?”
  1. Ana says:

    Try to eat healthy and avoid snacks. The following website helped me a lot to lose weight:


    They give you useful advice and a diet…

    Good luck!

  2. insomnia says:

    You have to invest time. To have a great looking body takes a lot of work unless you’re blessed. If you have a good diet and workout plan it is possible but it takes commitment. If you want a good diet plan check out the lens below.

  3. Heidi Williams says:

    Here is a great tip for eating right: Most packaged foods you buy at the grocery store have a food label. They tell you a lot about the food you eat — like what is a serving size, how many calories and how much salt, sugar, fat, cholesterol, vitamins, and minerals you’re getting.

    Making a habit of reading food labels can help you have a healthier diet. It also can help you lose extra pounds or keep a healthy weight. So the next time you’re dashing down the food aisles tossing groceries into your cart, slow down and pay attention to what you’re buying. Once you know what to look for, reading food labels will take very little extra time. And it will be time well spent.

    This helped me lose 47+ pounds. Read my story here:


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