What is a good fitness plan to build muscle?

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Question by Buddha: What is a good fitness plan to build muscle?
I’m 19 years old, 5’10 and weigh 220lbs. I’m trying to find a girlfriend but it’s like I’m invisible. So I want to lose weight and gain muscle to look good. However I don’t know anything about fitness plans or anything so can someone help me know what kinds of foods to eat and some fitness plan ideas? Also give me some idea of how much weight I can lose within a week. Thanks guys.

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Answer by snow L
** Eat six mini meals a day. Exercise and before every meal, drink two tall glasses of water, (about 16 oz.) this will fill you up and you will automatically eat less. This really works, so be patient. Good Luck to you

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  1. Stephen Schwimmer says:

    Good workout plan:

    3 days a week.

    Day 1: shoulders, biceps, triceps
    1 bicep exercise
    1 tricep exercise
    2nd bicep
    2nd Tricep
    1st shoulder
    2nd shoulder
    Ab crunches 1×40

    Day 2: chest and back
    Pause benching (prymaid)
    Chest press
    1st back
    2nd back
    Hit one bicep exercise (low weight very high reps)
    5-10 minute cardio

    Day 3: chick stuff
    30-45 minute cardio
    Calf raises, leg curl, etc.. (2-3 exercises)
    Ab crunches
    Dip station (abs)
    Leg raises

    Additional stuff won’t hurt

    Look on YouTube for exercises
    Also try bodybuilder.com (not only for body builders) and hit the tap for exercises

    Good luck

    Ps: after about 4-5 weeks, reevaluate the results you want and change workout accordingly

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