What is a great fitness plan for children ages 10-15?

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Question by Mixed-Girl: What is a great fitness plan for children ages 10-15?
I feel that every one is making fun of me all the time exspecially this buy named james his is so annoying.

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Answer by freakyallweeky
Play sports like basketball, baseball, or soccer. At those ages you shouldn’t need a fitness plan you should keep in shape by playing and having fun. Swimming and riding bikes is always good too.

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3 Responses to “What is a great fitness plan for children ages 10-15?”
  1. family_matters says:

    First of ignore James – walk away from him and know that even though he is directing his words at you they say more about him then they do about you. Making fun of you makes him feel better about something he doesn’t like about himself. Feel sorry for him.

    Good exercise regime for ages 10 – 15 – is play! Do fun things – don’t watch tv – go for a bike ride, rollar blade, or skiing just keep moving – join soccer or baseball or swimming or something you really like to do! Take Karate or yoga or pilates or kick boxing. You are only young once – enjoy it!

  2. elanor says:

    Get outside, get active. At that age, you should have a high enough metabolism that just staying active will help. So that means get off the computer, get off the video games, etc. Go out on a bike, go rollerblading, play with friends, join a sports team, HAVE FUN!!!

  3. Darlene G says:

    1. Quit watching TV, or playing video games. Instead, get outside, ride a bike, take a walk or jog. Take up a hobby or sport that requires you to move.
    2. Get rid of unhealthy food and snacks. When you want a candy bar or chips, have something like celery and peanut butter, or whole grain crackers with peanut butter. Fresh fruit and a handful of nuts are also good choices. Stay away from fast food restaurants. If you do eat at one, order salad with your burger (or just have a burger) instead of fries, milk instead of soda.

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