What is a really good diet and fitness plan?

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Question by i ♥ twilight: What is a really good diet and fitness plan?
i don’t want a diet which is like just eat green stuff. i need an effective one and an exercise routine that i can fit around school. can anyone tell me any good stretches or exercises to help get a flat stomach. please help!

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Answer by Coach Ronnie
Have you heard of P90x? It’s a home exercise program. The program not only gives you amazing workouts, but it gives you a very great nutrition guide. Along with the guide it provides an easy list of foods that are more and less favorable to consume while working out. There are the obvious good foods such as fruits and vegetables, and then there are the obvious bad foods such as pastries, desserts, and soda pop. I really like the food guide though because there are five levels of foods and it explains to you which ones you can have all the time and which ones you should consume in moderation or not at all.

You can easily fit this program around school as you do it at home. No need to try to get to the gym and figure out what to do to maximize results. The program come s with 12 DVD’s and a guide that tells you what to do and when.

I’m currently doing P90x (the second time around) and am seeing great results. I’m a fitness coach and this is one of the most common programs that I put my clients on. To learn more… http://www.fultonsoffitness.com

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  1. Kristen Segal says:

    hmmm take a look here

    you may find what you want :)


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