What is the best fitness plan to have?

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Question by Kirsty Gray: What is the best fitness plan to have?
I’m a bit lazy, but I’m looking into having a fitness plan. The only thing is, I don’t know what to do for it, and I have tried these in the past but I can never stick to them.. can someone give me some advice as to how I can stick to it, and even plan one in the first place?

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Answer by Kirfuu
this is a diet plan try this
Eat more! Don’t be fooled because the article is referring to more of healthy, low-fat foods rather than junk food. Junk food can range from burgers to those cookies that you always bought! Adding a lot of vegetables and fruits to your diet will help you. Also, drinking bouillon, a Haitian soup, made with filtered water will help you feel full.

Exercise every day! This could be the most difficult step to follow. But what you can do is actually start slowly then steady increase the amount of exercise. For example, today you will walk for 10 minutes, repeat this for the whole week. For the next week, double your workload. You may get leaner that way! The important thing is to get your heart rate up and start, now!

Feed your temptations once in a while. Go ahead and have that donut or slice of pizza, but before you do, drink a few glasses of water and eat a bowl of raw veggies such as cucumbers, celery, carrots, and tomatoes. They will fill you up and you will have very little room to eat the “junk” food.
Consume things that have no calories. There are two things you eat and drink that contain no calories: water and fiber. The more of these you get into your diet, the better off you will be. For example, you can eat a pound of mixed salad greens with assorted raw vegetables (carrots, red cabbage, celery, broccoli, onion, etc.) with a low or no-calorie salad dressing and only have eaten 100-150 calories. This is because of the high water and fiber content of the salad and low calorie dressing. Also, eat lots of celery. It has only 8 calories, but amazingly, it takes more than 8 calories to digest it. So, you actually BURN calories by eating celery! It’s not much, about 2 calories per 8 inch stalk, but it sure doesn’t hurt.

Avoid sodas as much as possible. Instead, drink flavored water or unsweetened iced tea. Caffeine, when placed in a low-calorie beverage like black coffee or unsweetened tea, raises your metabolism and causes you to burn more calories. Too much caffeine has harmful health effects, though, so be reasonable in your consumption if you choose to have caffeine.

Have broth-based soups. They are relatively low in calories. A commercially-available ready to eat “chicken and stars” soup may only have 80 calories for 1 serving, much less than diet “meal shakes” or nutrition bars.

Spread out your diet! Eat more small chunks of meals, rather than 3 big meals. If you eat 100-150 calories or so every two hours, your body stays in a higher-metabolism digesting mode. This allows you to burn more calories than eating just 3 meals a day

Record What You Eat! This is a simple yet very powerful exercise to open your eyes to see whether you are keeping up with the dieting plan. Often, we tend to overlook those snacking we do between meals and really think that our diet is failing us. But the truth is there can be many petty things that we do that really affect our dieting plan. For example, one might skip breakfast 3 times a week without being conscious about it. Studies have shown that if you eat breakfast, you tend to eat proportionally fewer calories the rest of the day. Without a record, it might seem like you are doing all the right thing, yet fail miserably in your dieting plan

Make Vegetables a Major Part of Your Diet Plan! If vegetables are not a major part of your diet, it is time to reconsider. Studies have shown that vegetables can play an important loss in losing weight. This is because vegetables are high in water and fiber and low in energy density.

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