What is the best fitness plan?

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fitness plan
by USAG-Humphreys

Question by !sexymama!: What is the best fitness plan?
Just give me answers on physical and eating. I already know in order to lose weight you must exercise and i love walking and riding my bike but what else is there to offer.

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Answer by The Grit
I can’t give you a lot of information, but I can give you one bit of advice about eating well. Implement the ten minute rule. You can go as high as twenty minutes, but ten is usually enough. Basically, what that means is, when you are eating, and you are trying to decide if you want more or if you are full, stop eating and just sit for ten minutes. It takes at least that long for your stomach to decide if it is full or not. It’s a great way to avoid over eating.

Also, remember that portion sizes are everything. Most serving sizes can fit in the palm of your hand. So, imagine eating at a restaurant and getting a plate of food five or six times that!

Hope those two help. :)

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