What is the fitness plan for P90X?

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fitness plan
by USAG-Humphreys

Question by Lucas: What is the fitness plan for P90X?
Im borrowing the discs from a friend but dont have that book and was wondering what the three phases consisted of and how to follow them. I know its important to the program. A link would be great but anything helps thanks.

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Answer by J-gurl
Ask your friend for the work out calendar… if not, ask him to call beachbody. i’m sure if he provided some info, they could send another work out calendar.

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2 Responses to “What is the fitness plan for P90X?”
  1. Isabella says:

    I was just trying some of those this morning. There were on youtube. Maybe try there if you don’t anything on Y.A. Sorry I couldn’t help much. 😛

  2. Uncle Joebob says:

    google p90x calender routine and it should pop right up.. thats what i did!

    p90x is hardcore, no joke..


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