What is the most effective weight loss and fitness plan?

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Question by Janet W: What is the most effective weight loss and fitness plan?
I would like to know the most effective weight loss and fitness plans that have worked best for people. I want to try and develop my own plan and would like outside ideas on work outs, recipes,etc.

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Answer by Lady Bug
keeping a count of your fat intake by reading the labels and being contious of what you’re eating. Also burn more calories than you take in. And if you don’t like committing to 30 minutes of exercise like me, then try to do 6 sessions of 5 minute fat burning exercises. Go to fitness.com to see some really effective videos of short break type fat burning ideas. Hope this helps!

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  1. Sairalindë says:

    Eat RAW.. and by raw I mean eat just fruits and veggies.. occasional grains and what not.. but eat almost everything in the raw.. that’s when it’s the most nutritious for your body. Also get in at least 30 minutes of exercise per day every day. Try to push for at least an hour work out if you can. Meditate and balance your chakras as this helps keep the body healthy. Drink lots of water and de-stress!

  2. lilblondegal789 says:

    The most effective will be what works for you, and what you can realistically stick to!

    Don’t go for the fad diets where you can only eat certain foods, or you have to restrict yourself from things. You need to change your mindset and look into controlling your portions, trying to fit in more healthy foods, and not depriving yourself of foods you love. Even cake and ice cream can be ok if you have a small amount on occasion. Measure your portions so you know what a serving size REALLY looks like, eat slowly and stop eating when you’re about 80% full, and make your meals the center of your focus when you do go to eat (no mindless eating!).

    As far as fitness you can do just about anything! The main thing is that you do something. Join a gym, go jogging, get a workout video (cardio, yoga, etc), walk your dog, play with your kids, anything that gets you moving! It’s best to switch it up so you don’t get bored, and if you can find a workout buddy to help you stay on track!

    Developing your own plan is EXACTLY what you need to do. There isn’t a magic plan that will get you results overnight, but if you change your habits slowly and create a new healthy for life lifestyle then you’ll be a sucess. Oh! Try looking at http://www.sparkpeople.com for helpful articles, tools, and online support.

    Good luck!!

  3. Shona M says:

    Its an easy formula. What’s hard is sticking to it.
    1. Calculate on average how many calories you eat a day (eg 1800)
    2. Reduce the number by 500 (eg 1300)
    3. Now that you have a limit, you decide ‘do i really want to eat this because it has x number of calories.’
    4. In addition, try doing exercise without thinking of it as a chore.
    5. Have something to work towards (a REALISTIC goal) such as fitting into a pair of jeans you cant atm.
    6. Stick to this and the weight will drop off (eventually :) )

  4. TR Abrahms says:

    My wife has had really great success with a program called Weight loss for Idiots. I put the link below if you want to read more about it. She’s lost inches in a matter of days and she can eat quite a few of the foods she loves to eat plus it gives you a 3 day period every 11 days that you can eat whatever you want. She is so excited that she can see a difference so quickly because she’s been having a hard time losing weight over these past few years. I hope this helps you.

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