What is your fitness/diet plan?

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Question by vanessa T: What is your fitness/diet plan?
I want to hear your fitness and diet plan anlong with any diet tips you have. I would like to take some of these ideas and tips and coorperate them into my own regimine.

Thank you so much!

Best answer:

Answer by Amberly
build muscle. it’ll take your extra fat.(fat that didn’t get burn)
i don’t exactly remember how.

drink lots of water, eat nuts and raisins to increase metabolism
eat healthy.
eat slowly, because it takes awhile for food to digest, so
it takes awhile to be full after eating.

eating slowly will allow you to know when you’re full to eat less.

don’t sit in front of the tv while eating.
pretty much pay attention only to your food when you eat
also allow your body to tell you when you’re hungry, when it growls, eat.

do aerobic exercises

do 2 30min exercises then have a 20 min break you’ll lose more wight than not taking breaks at all
play music that you enjoy, or music that makes you feel like dancing to you’ll exercise more/longer

you can run in one place for 15 min per day or more.
or run up and downstairs. or jog/run/walk around your block.

then slowly increase the time, by 5 min per day.
and if you’re gonna do sit-ups, cutches, pull=ups, etc. add 10 per day

starving will get you skinnier but at the end of it when you eat normally again your body will be saving it,
and you’ll gain weight faster
like bears saving their food for the winter.

also laughing for 10-15 minutes
burns75 calories

If you get cravings in afternoon, it means you’re not getting enough food in the day.
Have and extra half apple, or an extra of something healthy for breakfast or have a snack before
yur usual cravings start everyday.

all these have been proven true

here are some healthy recipies sites


here’s some friut recipies


excercise webs.

(FYI: if yu don’t have a dumbell use a bottle of water)Depends on how heavy you want to exercise with

eating celeries burns alot of calories

if you want recipies for it try going to:

hope these help!!
Really do! It took me 19 hours altogether
to put this together.
I went through all my magazines
and look through the internet, for good sites
ask families and friends, and thought what i did
to put this together.
And read newspaper.
Also i’m a very slow typer.

FYI i give this to anyone trying to lose weight or build muscles and i finshed this a few days ago.

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8 Responses to “What is your fitness/diet plan?”
  1. Patrick W says:

    All I do is run everyday, at least 1 mile. I usually can eat whatever I want but not alot of it. Also eat breakfast every time you wake up. Its not really a diet but a change in your way of living or life style.

  2. Khelben says:

    Simple tips for dieting

    1) Eat most whole grain products, they keep you fuller for longer.

    2) Eat fruits and yogurts instead of candy, cookies, ice cream, chips for snacks

    3) Eat more lean protein (chicken, fish, turkey) instead of red meats (pork, beef)

    4) Split your 3 meals into 5-6 meals, it keeps your metabolism up all day.

    Simple tips for fitness

    1) Do resistance training before you do cardio. First 30 minutes of exercise are burning up quick stored energy and then you start burning fat. So you want to do cardio last.

    2) Break your weight lifting routine into upper and lower body days. Gives you focus and allows other part of the body to rest.

    3) Your body needs breaks, you can’t workout 7 days out of the week.

    4) Realize there’s no such thing as spot reduction or toning.


    for food i do weight watchers..

    excersize: im starting to do pilates 1 hour a day 7 days a week plus i do about 150 crunches. plus i have dance practice on tuesdays, wednesdays and thursdays starting in september.

  4. spidermilk666 says:

    -no restaurants (or take more than 1/2 the food home in box)
    -no pork or beef (this is kind of me personally, but other protein is healthier like chicken, fish, tofu, even the bits of protein in pasta or milk)
    -lots of fruits and veggies
    -if you really really love something and you really really want some sometimes then just HAVE IT or have it as a meal. (frankly I’d die without icecream, so I just get an extra small after dinner every once in a while, or I love the movie popcorn so I just have it for dinner)
    -just don’t buy it. Don’t go to the grocery store if you’re too hungry, don’t buy anything you don’t want yourself eating! Make a list and STICK TO IT!
    -when you eat grains, eat whole grains
    -ALL alcohol has calories, don’t drink too often and try to stay away from really sugarry drinks and stick with alcohol with diet soda or light beer or something
    -don’t drink soda, its crazy bad for you
    -easy exercise = walking 1 hour a day, thats what i do and its awesome
    -no crazy sugar iced coffee drinks.. if you like coffee, drink it black or with a tiny bit of creamer and some splenda

  5. Amanda A says:

    I’m going with the usual counting of calories approach because…it just makes sense. Energy in, energy out. More importantly I am trying to eat foods (mainly) that have a low Glucose Index number. Low GI foods indicate that they do not have as much effect on blood sugar, therefore providing you with slow-release energy. Fish is a good example of a food that takes time to digest and keeps you full longer. Also, eating almonds about 20 minutes before a meal can give you less of an appetite, so that’s a useful trick. Well, hope your fitness plan goes well, and be safe!

  6. Barry T says:

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  7. Chuy M says:

    The best range to lose weight in is 1 to 2.5 lbs a week. This will allow your body to accustom itself to the loss and the skin to regain its prestretched stage. Losing weight too quickly will cause the skin of abdomen, chest and inner thighs to sag, possibly dramatically. I don’t personally believe in any of the fad diets that keep showing up. I think that they put your body into an unhealthy famine mode which will cause you to gain the fat right back if you start to eat normally again. The best idea is to eliminate all junk food. You can do a cheat day if you need to but don’t go overboard. Eat balanced meals of reasonable size. Overeating will cause your stomach to be too large and you will still feel hungry when you’re not. Also have lots of healthy snacks during the day. Ideally you’ll want to eat 5 or 6 small meals throughout the day. Carry food with you so you aren’t tempted to eat unhealthily when you’re out of the house. And don’t buy unhealthy foods. Get foods that are low in bad fats—we do need fat to survive but not saturated fat. Minimize the processed flours and sugars, no white bread, no sugar. Choose leaner meats and protein sources. Don’t expect to eat pizza and burritos all the time and lose weight. And eat tons of vegetables. Eat salads, steamed vegetables and raw vegetables too. You can’t eat so much celery that you’ll get fat. Don’t eat too much fruit or things containing high fructose corn syrup. The reason is that fructose is hard on the liver because it can only be metabolized there. You can eat fruit during or after a workout. Don’t eat late at night because your body will turn it into fat. Eat a smaller amount of calories than needed to maintain your weight. You have burn more than you intake. Always exercise. Cardio especially, but weights are good too. Don’t give up. You’ll be glad you chose to lose the weight.

  8. NeoCheat says:

    Here is a list of common mistakes people make when attempting to lose weight. Remember that this list contains general guidelines and that your best bet is to consult with a Registered Dietician to be sure that you are meeting all of your bodies nutritional needs.

    1) Not eating breakfast

    2) Going too long between meals

    3) Not eating immediately after a workout

    4) Relying on energy bars or meal replacements instead of quality food choices

    5) Limiting carbohydrate intake

    6) Eating too much fast food or processed foods

    7) Following a low-calorie diet

    8) Thinking that because you exercise you can eat whatever you want

    9) Not drinking enough water

    10) Following fad diets

    If any of the above list sounds familiar then make a change. Only you are responsible for your health and well-being. Don’t leave it up to someone else (spouse or doctor) to get you on the path towards feeling good. Try to be more active and make smarter choices concerning the foods you put into your body.


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