What would be a good fitness plan for me to get in good shape?

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Question by PHILADELPHIA IS THE BEST: What would be a good fitness plan for me to get in good shape?
I am a 16 year old boy and currently weight around 160. I am trying to loose all the extra fat in my body and get in good fit condition. I do not have weights available however so I need a plan that involves a treadmill and sets of push up and sit ups and more. Please help me find out a plan that will make me loose the fat I have and be in a thin good healthy fit shape.

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Answer by Chris h
A lot of the people in prison are in very good shape. Trust me, they don’t have a treadmill.
Probably the first thing to do is get off of Y/A! and at least walk around some.

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  1. iNDy says:

    Think about boot camp for soldiers in the armed forces. Generally they do not use weights during the basic training which lasts 6-12 weeks depending on which branch of the service they are in. After those weeks on intense training they usually have a transformed look that is amazing.

    Those workouts usually involve lots of running. Running in the morning, afternoon and at night. I don’t recommend a treadmill, they are too easily misused by the novice and don’t provide the results most desire. Go run at a park, school, your neighborhood, or somewhere else safe. Start running a mile, don’t stop running and start walking either, even if you have to run at a near crawl, don’t walk. At your size it shouldn’t be a physical problem, running will be a mental/endurance issue. Best way to overcome it is to suffer and make it through. After that first run, you’ll know that you can run a mile without stopping, breaking the mental difficulty and the endurance difficulty.

    Look up calisthenics (which is push ups, sit ups, etc.) online. Get a good set up calisthenics and do them 4 mornings and 4 evenings a week. You’ll be in much better shape in only a few months. If you can’t find good calisthenic workouts online, do a yahoo search for the marines or navy seals workout routines. That should give you an idea of what you need to do.

    This will help you since you don’t have access to weights.

  2. paddyboy says:

    you should get chris ryan’s guide to sas fitness there is a lots of weight work in it but it shows you other things like techniques of running and how to do proper sit ups, pull ups, and press ups it shows you how to get fit, it’s a great guide

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