What’s a good Diet/excursie for a 14 year old vegetarian? What’s a good fitness plan?

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by USAG-Humphreys

Question by Missie:]: What’s a good Diet/excursie for a 14 year old vegetarian? What’s a good fitness plan?
i’m 14 103 ibs and 5’1girl .
Trying to stay in shape what’s some
good foods with lots of protein.
That are vegetarian thanks:]

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Answer by Je vais a France!
Cottage Cheese has a LOT of protein in it. Lentils, nuts, etc.

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9 Responses to “What’s a good Diet/excursie for a 14 year old vegetarian? What’s a good fitness plan?”
  1. Billy says:

    for exersise i would reccoment wii fit i lost a stone and am now as fit as a fiddle thanks to it.

    As for food eggs are good if thay are boiled

  2. Twilightlover! says:

    well first of all u need meat and thats why we r on top of the food chain! So eat meat! i love animals but they r also very good! LOL

  3. Yezzi says:

    wow girly
    i am your age
    your height..but im 120 ibs
    and i look like fine!,
    i wish i was 103 ibs!
    i think you’re more than shape!
    well, i had to do a HUGE research on vegetarian teenagers
    so i feel like this question is for me, first of all, if you’re
    becoming a vegetarian you have to talk about it with your parents
    so they can take you to a specialized food doctor, you need tons of calcium and vitamin D that milk and meat provide you and i am 100% sure that there is food that can provide you with that,
    but you have to get the food recommended from a doctor, because
    you never know if you’re getting enough vitamins by yourself

  4. lameassmotherfucker says:

    i’m a 15 year old vegetarian so..heres what i eat

    for breakfast i usually have oatmeal and a banana or a protein shake

    i don’t get a chance to have a snack between lunch and breakfast because my lunch block is pretty early but you could have a fruit

    for lunch i usually have a wrap or a sandwich with veggie meat for protein and veggies and fat free cheese and an apple and maybe a granola bar..which i usually save for last block as i’m hungry by then

    when i get home i have celery with peanut butter and raisins, or fruit and yogurt. something simple and healthy with protein

    for dinner i have whatever my mom cooks which is always healthy and has protein

    i usually have a fruit as an evening snack

    and i drink some green tea and lots of water and a glass of milk throughout the day

    as for working out, i usually do some weights and muscle strengthening exercises and ride on a stationary bike for 40 minutes, one minutes normal speed, one minute really fast alternating. it’s quite tiring so i break in up into 20 minutes and the beginning and 20 minutes at the end.
    you could also go for runs, i do when the weather is nice :)

    btw my mom is a doctor so..i think this is pretty healthy because she knows her stuff and i am a nutrition nut

  5. Sarah F says:

    go jogging for 20 mins every mornin

  6. riot reality says:

    I’m 14, a vegetarian, 5’1″, and 104 pounds.

    I’d say I’m in good shape. I eat a lot of fake meats, only Boca and Morning Star brands. They have like only a gram less of protein than normal meat, next to no fat, and no cholesterol. My favorites are Boca chicken patties and Morning Star Italian sausages. I also like this fettuccine alfredo stuff that comes in a box, it’s really good.

    Okay– an ab slide is a little thing that does for your body what crunches/sit ups would do, without hurting my back, and it also helps work out your arms.

    So, every day after dinner, I do 20-50 crunch things on my ab slide, 20-50 squats, and 10-30 push ups. The numbers all depend on how much energy I have. And every night I go for a walk around two blocks with my dogs, so I guess I’d count that too.

    I’m in really good shape, and everyone says so. Even though I didn’t need to, in the three months I’ve been a vegetarian I’ve lost six pounds, and I’m pretty sure I’ll lose more, and with my little work outs I’ll be gaining muscle.

  7. Ashley says:

    For exercise, try not to be too harsh to your body. Walking, jogging, dancing, riding bikes or rollerblades, etc. is good for your body and easy, too.

    For diet, keep the food guide pyramid in mind whenever you eat.
    You want to get full nutrition, and that is more difficult when you cut out a big part of what majority of (uninformed) humans eat.
    Beans, soy, nuts, are good for protein and fats, which are both necessary nutrients if they aren’t in excess. You also want to ge all or calcium. Depending on whether or not you drink dairy, you can drink milk or soy milk.There are also some natural calcium supplements if you don’t drink milk.

    Vegetarianism is only healthy if you eat health food; don’t eat junk food in replacement of meat.
    Good luck!

  8. Kim N says:

    Talk to your PE teacher about a good exercise program. Unless your weight training you don’t need any extra protein drinks etc. Just follow a balanced vegetarian diet. This website, run by the Mayo Clinic, has a vegetarian food pyramid for you to follow.

    Vegetarian diet: How to get the best nutrition

  9. JOJO says:

    ok im 14, 5’2 and 104 pounds
    i try to get as much protein as i can get by eating some of these foods: tofu, beans/lentils, almonds, brown rice

    there are also a lot of brands of cereal with a lot of protein like, Go lean Kashi and Eating Right cereals

    there are also many vegetarian soy products that are like frozen food type and have plenty of protein. things such as soy nuggets and bocca burger patties

    for excercising, i usually go to the gym and to the elyptical or treadmill or something for about 30 minutes and then do some weight training.

    if you dont want to go to the gym, i suggest going for a run or jog, or even just a brisk walk
    i think as long as you are doing some sort of sport or are just being active for at least 30 minutes 3 or 4 days a week thats good.

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